12 Outlandish Writing Goals for 2015

A few weeks ago Splickety published a blog post with my suggestions for 6 Things to Keep in Mind when Setting Goals. With that in mind, how could I not write a post sharing the ins and outs of my goals with all three of my readers?

If you want to know where I’m coming from with these goals and my approach, read Splickety’s blog post. Otherwise, without further adieu, here are my 2015 writing goals (and keep in mind this is all in addition to running Splickety and maintaining my professional editing career as well):

Ben Wolf’s 12 Outlandish Writing Goals for 2015IMG_1257

1. Edit/smooth out Lumen’s Call; re-edit Lumen’s Path – due January 31st
Anything from me that you see with the word “Lumen” in it relates to my YA Fantasy series. In 2014 I added about 25,000 words to book 1 of the series (Lumen’s Call), and at the encouragement of my literary agent, I started to add another significant character to the mix as well.

With those two major developments, Lumen’s Call needs serious updating and smoothing-out. One very thorough edit (including the addition of this new character) and a subsequent proofread/copy edit should do it.

Lumen’s Path is book 2 of the series. With the exception of possibly clarifying or tweaking a few things based on the changes to book 1, this should amount to little more than a read-through and some basic copy edits.

2. Finish writing The Rise of Lumen – due February 28th
This is book 3 (and the final book) of the series. I have approximately 25-30,000 words written in it, and most of what’s there is solid and can remain. Fortunately, I have a detailed outline for the rest of the book, and with some dedication (and a lighter month of freelance editing in February) I should have no problem knocking out the remainder of this book in one month.

3. Finish “Kid’s Book” – due March 15
Yes, you read that correctly. I’m doing a kid’s book. Its contents are thoroughly a secret, though, so I can’t tell you much more than that. This book launches in early April, so it needs to be done before by the 15h of March at the latest so I can order a print copy in time for what I intend to use it for (which is also a secret).

4. Brainstorm/Outline “Special Book” – due April 15th
Ah, another secret. This book, if I can execute it well, may literally be the best idea I’ve ever had, so I have only shared it with a select few trusted people. What’s more, it’s a series, so I’ve potentially got room for a lot of content if I can make a go of the first book.

Normally I’d only give myself two weeks or so to create a detailed-enough outline, but in this case I’m allowing myself a month because this book will need special attention so as to ensure my outline is exquisite in quality. A better outline will make for a better, stronger story (hopefully with fewer edits).

5. Write “Secret Book” – due June 30th
Now comes the actual writing of the secret book. Again, normally I’d only give myself about a month and a half, but I’m giving myself two and a half months to get this one right. I am more than capable of knocking this book out in that timeframe.

6. Finish “October Release Book” – due July 31st
This novel is another secret. Yes, I’m planning tireless a novel in October (at the beginning, not the end) like I did in 2014 with Blood for Blood (click the link to sign up for my newsletter and receive this novel for FREE), but I’m keeping the details closer to my chest until my agent and I begin to execute our plan to make this a reality.

Suffice it to say, I have about 30,000 words written in this book and at least another 60,000 more to write before it’s done. Maybe more. I’m really not sure.

7. Edit “Special Book” – due August 15th
I’m giving myself some time and space between the time I finish my secret project and when I start editing it so I can approach it with a clearer mind. Seeing as though I edit quickly and this project may only be 60,000 words long, I should be able to knock this out within a month.

8. Finalize edits on “October Release Book” – due September 15th
If I’m going to launch this book in October, I’ve got to do have it edited by September 15th. After that, it will go to a proofreader/copy editor, and then I’ll format it and publish it on or before October first.

9. Publish “October Release Book” – due October 1st
See #8 above.

10. Finalize first four outlines and prequel book for graphic novel series – due October 15th
This is an incredibly fun project. Again, the concept is unique and super cool, so I can’t divulge much, but I’m working on it with an incredible artist and a friend of mine who as of the date of this post is still in high school and wants to go into writing/comic book writing for his career.

Suffice it to say that this is going to be awesome when it’s done.

11. Write something for NaNoWriMo – due November 30th
This is pretty non-specific for me. I’m pretty sure I’ll be writing something, but on the off chance that something pops up or I run out of time on a previous project, November would make an excellent “catch-up” month for me. I’m not going to run out of ideas any time soon, so I’ll be busy one way or another.

12. Edit The Rise of Lumen – due December 31st
Talk about waiting awhile before I edit a project, huh? At 9 months later, I will have been away from the book long enough to have a very fresh perspective on it when I begin editing it for publication.

So those are my 2015 personal writing goals. Ambitious? Yes. But I’m from the school of thought that believes that big goals yield better results than small goals even if I don’t succeed in reaching all of them.

What are your 2015 goals? Professionally and personally? Figure them out and have someone keep you accountable to them. Then go forth and achieve them.

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2 comments on “12 Outlandish Writing Goals for 2015
  1. Kim Kendall says:

    Hey Ben, I haven’t forgotten hearing you speak on achieving goals at the conference I attended in Kansas City last fall. Good stuff there. Dream big, aim high. We don’t know what we’re capable of until we do. Godspeed to you this year! I started your book Blood for Blood, and am eagerly looking for time to sit and finish it while accomplishing my own new goals. 🙂

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