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Basement Blast

I love shooting people. Specifically, I love shooting my friends with Nerf guns. Not the least of all, this includes my wife. The other day, she’d texted me and said she’d had a rough day at work, so I decided to

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4 Ways Mad Max: Fury Road Can Inform Christian Fiction

On September 1st, 2015, Mad Max: Fury Road came out on BluRay/DVD. The only reason I didn’t camp out at Target to get a copy when the doors opened was because I forgot until 9pm that night. And also because I

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5 Things Luc Besson Movies Teach Us About Writing

Do you know who Luc Besson is? If not, you should. He’s the mind behind great films like Leon: The Professional, Taken, and The Fifth Element. Unfortunately, everything I’ve seen from him recently has been utter garbage. In the last

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