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Basement Blast

I love shooting people. Specifically, I love shooting my friends with Nerf guns. Not the least of all, this includes my wife. The other day, she’d texted me and said she’d had a rough day at work, so I decided to

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5 Thoughts on Profanity in Christian Fiction

As a kid, I put down the book JAWS because I reached a point where one character was cussing out another character. Nowadays, I probably would’ve kept reading. Why? My thoughts on the issue of profanity have changed. In my

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6 Publishing Red Flags

Authors nationwide (and beyond) rejoiced when Tate Publishing (which hilariously only has ten likes on its Facebook Page) announced it was closing. Yet the devastation Tate left in its path is no laughing matter. But Tate wasn’t the only publisher

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IPAL Promotion

Want to skip the spiel? Get your print copy of IPAL today! I’ve got 1,000+ books ready to land in happy homes, and now you can buy them securely through PayPal. 1 for $14.95 2 for $24.95 3 for $34.95* Number of Copies

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4 Ways Mad Max: Fury Road Can Inform Christian Fiction

On September 1st, 2015, Mad Max: Fury Road came out on BluRay/DVD. The only reason I didn’t camp out at Target to get a copy when the doors opened was because I forgot until 9pm that night. And also because I

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