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Sick of getting rejected by editors and agents? Let me help!

Sick of getting rejected by editors and agents? Let me help!

I’ve edited fiction and nonfiction for others since I was in high school and I’ve operated as a professional editor since 2009. In that time I’ve helped dozens of authors bring their work to the next level. In addition, I’ve edited bestselling and award-winning authors in my role as Editor-In-Chief at Splickety Publishing Group. I’d love to work with you as well.


As you’ll see in my Rates section below, I command a decent amount of money to do my highest level of edit on a manuscript. There’s a good reason for that, and it’s the same reason that I’m consistently booked up for editing work for about six months* at a time.

I provide incredible value. I’ve been chasing my own dream of publishing novels and nonfiction books since my senior year in high school. In the last 10+ years of learning and studying the publishing industry and the craft of fiction, I’ve also learned how to convey that information to my clients throughout the editing process.

That’s where the real value of my edits comes in: education. You will not only have a cleaner, better quality manuscript than before we started, but you’ll also learn what personal pitfalls you need to watch out for in the future along with reinforcing time-tested writing methods and choices, all of which will improve your writing for years to come.

If this edit seems expensive to you, think of it as a professional interactive course on how to improve your writing from the ground up. It will cost you up front, but the knowledge you glean from my edits will pay you dividends throughout the rest of your writing career.

So hire me. You won’t be disappointed.

*I’m typically booked around six months out for major projects, but I can almost always squeeze in small to mid-sized projects if necessary.


Check out what my clients said about me on Facebook, or read the testimonials below. Or both.

“Ben is an awesome editor. He’s professional, he knows his stuff, and he doesn’t hold back. I learned so much about how to strengthen my writing from his edits, and of the two novels I’ve hired him to edit, one already has a publishing contract. I highly recommend hiring him as your editor.” — Sarah Grimm, Fantasy and Paranormal Novelist, sdgrimm.com

“I had been working on my suspense novel for a few years, and I realized I needed some help in taking it to the next level. Ben Wolf offered a trial edit for free to see if we would be a good match. The trial looked good, so we agreed to a full edit.

Ben’s edits identified weak areas and bad habits that I couldn’t see objectively. He brought the critiques in a straightforward manner that was easy to digest. He did a thorough job with grammar and sentence structure as well as big picture ideas of plot and characterization.

He’s done a great job of following up with me afterwards, answering questions and helping me brainstorm some new ideas to give the novel more kick. Overall it was a great investment and I recommend Ben’s services if you need a sharp eye and keen sense of what makes good fiction tick.” — Jason Joyner, Suspense Novelist

“Ben will work with you, guide you, and explain the steps needed to be a successful writer in today’s market. He’s detailed in his work and will bend over backward to make sure you get what you need out of his services. Ben is flexible and affordable, and it really comes across in his work that he wants to bring out your (and your book) best potential and talent.
Ben is not afraid to tell the truth and show you where you book needs to drastically improve…but he doesn’t let you flounder, he will offer advice and point you to resources so you can improve your book to level you want it to be.
If you want an editor who is worth every penny, who cares about your work, and can become your friend and ally, then there is no better choice than Ben Wolf.” — Aaron Schlegel, Fantasy Novelist

“I knew the moment I first met Ben that he’d be a good match for my novel and an awesome person to work with. His initial critique was fair and well-delivered, and his test edit was spot-on. In the complete edit, he pointed out several weaknesses in plot, corrected inconsistencies in character development, and even brought to light some nasty habits.

He truly over-delivered on every aspect of polishing my novel. Writing is exciting! Ben’s edits have inspired me to dive into my next novel. I plan to work with him often in the future.” — Jonathan Faircloth, Time-Travel/Alternate History Novelist

“Ben has a knack for finding the smallest errors and offers more than the obvious suggestions to make your writing stronger. He is tenacious like a pit bull when it comes to what is right… and what is write.” –Linda, Romantic Suspense Novelist

(Additional references available upon request)


I edit based on your word count. My rates vary based on the type of edit you want, whether it’s proofreading/copy editing or a full edit, and there are levels in between. For all editing and rewriting rates, contact me directly. The surest way to get a rate from me is to contact me at 1BenWolf@gmail.com and request a free five-page test edit and quote.

My prices typically range from around 3 to 7 cents per word, but that can vary based on the type of edit and the initial quality of the manuscript you’re sending to me.

I am highly specialized and skilled, and I have an incredible track record with pleased clients. My pricing reflects what I’m capable of helping you do with your writing.

With that said, I’m willing to work with you to come up with budget-friendly ways to get your book edited. I regularly implement payment plans for my clients as needed, and one of my “selling points” is that I’m flexible. I like to be accommodating wherever I can.


Over the past several years, I have edited hundreds of manuscripts of various lengths, ranging from 120,000-word novels down to flash fiction stories of 1,000 words or less and everything in-between (including both fiction and nonfiction). I specialize in speculative fiction (and I helped found a conference specifically for speculative fiction writers called Realm Makers), but I’m comfortable editing in a variety of genres.
I am routinely booked six or more months in advance which is a testament to the quality of my edits.
To date, I have written seven novels of my own. Near the end of 2014, I independently published my novel Blood for Blood, which won the 2015 Cascade Award for Best Speculative Fiction Novel. My debut children’s book, I’d Punch a Lion in His Eye for You, won the 2016 Cascade Award for Best Children’s Book.
My very first editing client signed with a well-known literary agency that works in both the Christian and general publishing markets, and soon after, she signed a three-book deal with Enclave Publishing. Her debut novel, which I edited, released in the fall of 2016. She also just signed a two-book deal with Entangled Publishing, and I edited one of the two books they’re acquiring from her. (I link to it below in a different context as well.) Another of my clients recently received a three-book contract from Enclave Publishing as well.
I own and operate three flash fiction magazines under Splickety Publishing Group. We produce twelve magazines per year, four of each magazine, on a rotation, and we routinely work with award-winning and bestselling authors who write for our magazines.
I taught a college-level class at Taylor University in the spring semester of 2016 (but the link may not show me as faculty anymore) on Speculative and Alternate Genre Fiction. Additionally, I have taught at nearly three dozen writers conferences nationwide since 2011. I am also scheduled to teach at 10+ conferences in 2017, and I’m already booked for two conferences in 2018 as well. I am also leading the Teen Writers Track at the Florida Christian Writers Conference for the foreseeable future.
Most of my clients are unpublished or self-published, and they’re chasing their dreams just like you and I are. Two reputable literary agents recently affirmed the quality of my edits for separate authors over the last couple of years. I can provide the names of the agents upon request. I have great editing references, and one of my clients recently called me an “editing wizard.”
Suffice it to say, I’m very, very good at editing. I understand how stories work, and I understand how to improve them substantially, even if they’re already great quality. Want more proof? Here’s a link to my Facebook page where several of my clients chimed in to talk about their experiences with my edits.
I also have a teacher’s heart, so one of the primary benefits of working with me is that my clients improve drastically when writing subsequent books. When assessing this quote, keep in mind that you’re getting a one-on-one mentoring experience that will exponentially improve your writing from this point on. It’s a huge value. This is no doubt a significant amount of money, but keep in mind that you’re investing in your future as a writer just as much as you’re spending to get an improved manuscript.

Remember, if you want more information or that free quote/test edit, just send me an email at 1BenWolf@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you.

Let’s begin the process of making your writing better than ever. Email me today!

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  1. Natalie Hidalgo says:

    Hi Ben, thanks for your comment on Jeff’s facebook. Yes I will get a professional edit done. I did have one editorial review from one of Jeff’s “minions” Steve Rzasa and it was painful but good. I am doing lots of rewriting weaving in a new character. My book “Calling all Zombies” is at 60k words and I hope to finish it in this lifetime! I am a single mother of two teens and run an in home daycare, so I am a good year away from getting to the next level, and saving the money to do so. (I just had to replace my roof) Do you also do editorial reviews?
    I will keep working and perhaps we will work together on this in the future, Lord willing.

  2. Gary Jenkins says:

    I’m trying to resend you my 10 pages. I’m here at the WTW conference. I sent it to Shawn but that didn’t work.

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