Lumen’s Call



Three outcasts journey to free an ancient warrior who will liberate Kanarah from its oppressive King.

Back Cover Blurb

After a devastating battle, Lumen, the Angel of Light, was imprisoned by the tyrannical King of Kanarah for a thousand years. In that time, the King’s soldiers have oppressed Kanarah’s inhabitants more with each passing year.

Now, 999 years later, Lumen awaits his release. His coming will usher in a new age in Kanarah’s history, one of peace and prosperity under his benevolent rule. But only if he can ascend from his prison, raise an army, and overthrow the King.

16-year old David is more a man than a boy thanks to 13 years of hard labor at the King’s quarry. He lives a redundant life, until one day when a group of the King’s soldiers sell his foreman a Lizard named Magnus—a seven-foot reptile that walks upright and has the strength of ten men.

To David’s disapproval, the foreman abuses Magnus and forces him to perform the most dangerous and difficult tasks at the quarry. David is powerless to stop the abuse but tries to befriend Magnus in spite of his foreman’s orders to the contrary.

One night Lumen appears to David in a dream and reveals that David will be the one to set him free from his prison. That same night, Magnus flees from the workers’ camp. David and the other men divide up to search for him, and David finds Magnus back at the quarry. Instead of turning Magnus in, David sides with him against the foreman and the other quarry workers, and they fight their way to freedom.

After a stop for supplies at the family farm of David’s 19-year old friend Alex who joins them on their quest, the trio sets out on an adventure to discover how to set Lumen free. Along the way they battle bandits, the King’s soldiers, mercenaries, thieves, and even manage to save Lilly, a wounded Aero-Flyer, from the very slave traders that captured Magnus and sold him.

Unable to safely pass through Kanarah City due to their status as escaped fugitives, the group recruits Riley, a Wolf who shows them a secret way to reach Trader’s Pass, the only viable route across the treacherous Valley of the Tri-Lakes to the other side where Lumen awaits their arrival.


Genre: Lumen’s Call is a young adult fantasy action/adventure novel.

Word Count: 85,000

Series: Book 1 of 3 (be sure to check out Lumen’s Path, book 2 in the series)

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