Lumen’s Path



After making their way to Trader’s Pass, five travelers continue their quest to free an ancient warrior so that he may free Kanarah from its evil King’s tyranny.

Short Synopsis

David and his friends continue their journey to set Lumen free. They encounter pirates on one of the lakes, then more bandits, this time on the opposite side of Kanarah. Due to Riley sustaining a grave wound they travel to the Sky Fortress to get him medical help. There they learn that Lilly is not just any Aero-Flyer but is the sole daughter of the Premier of the Sky Fortress.

Not long after, they leave with a physically well Riley and head north toward the Arcanum, a secret cave where they can discover the location of Lumen’s prison. They encounter numerous perils along the way but eventually make it to the Arcanum and learn that Lumen’s prison is under the central Tri-Lake.

They head back to Trader’s Pass through a portal opened by Lumen’s power and are quickly ambushed by a group of Lizards and Sobeks under the leadership of Vandorian, Magnus’s evil brother. A massive battle ensues thanks to the addition of local fisherman and a new type of winged monster called Dactyls, and the heroes escape aboard a ship out on the Lake.

They are almost to the spot where Lumen’s prison is located when a massive sea monster arises from the Lake and attacks their ship. In spite of this setback, David and friends manage to get overboard into the water and swim down to the tunnel that leads to Lumen’s prison. They finally reach the Hidden Abyss at the end of the book and release Lumen.


Genre: Lumen’s Path is a young adult fantasy action/adventure novel.

Word Count: 97,000

Series: Book 2 of 3 (be sure to check out Lumen’s Call, book 1 in the series)

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