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A man’s dreams break into real life and try to kill him, forcing him to confront both his disturbing past and his dark future.

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Real life is already hard enough for Frank Sycke. A man breaks into his home and tries to kill him. He’s ashamed of his father, a notorious pirate. An obsessed Navy Admiral wants to lock Frank and his father up forever at any cost. Then his girlfriend breaks up with him.

But when Frank’s dreams come to life, all hell breaks loose.

A sinister force wants Frank dead. Once only a presence in a dream, now the frightening Aphthartos Apoleias—the Immortal Destruction—has emerged in the real world to kill Frank Sycke. Frank is completely unaware of this fact, but cannot deny that his own life grows more frenzied every day—as do his dreams.

Frank’s quest for answers ensnares his sword-fighting protégé Fidzo Wright, and his ex-girlfriend Janet McCarlson, a stunning strawberry-blonde with a terrible secret.

From Frank’s first fantastic dream to his final ferocious sword-fight, the adventure tests his faith and challenges his soul. Frank and his friends struggle not only against evil forces in the natural world but also against the demons haunting each of their pasts. They soon learn that everything intersects with Frank’s choices.

Will Frank, angry at his father, succumb to his own rage and hatred, thereby destroying himself? Or will he accept a deeper truth and realize redemption before it’s too late?


Genre: The Dreamer is a cyberpunk-meets-supernatural action/adventure novel.

Word Count: 80,800

Series: Book 1

Awards: 2010 ACFW Genesis Contest Finalist

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