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A young gambling gunfighter gives up his debaucherous lifestyle and wagers his life to save a small town from destruction.

Back Cover Blurb

Dalton Phillips is a walking paradox. He’s tall, handsome, and intelligent. He can play piano with the passion of Chopin and the precision of Mozart. He lives with his uncle, pastor to the town of Spider’s Rock, who serves as his guardian. He’s got everything. Lucky.

The tuberculosis in Dalton’s lungs wreaks havoc on his body more every day. He’s a drunkard, a womanizer, and a gambler. He can shoot a man dead in the blink of an eye. He’s just turned Max Warren, III, the town’s wealthiest, most powerful man, against him. He’s got nothing. Unlucky.

One evening, Dalton saves a prostitute from a murderous bandit’s advances, but it costs him. The bandit’s men beat Dalton to a pulp, shoot him three times, and leave him for dead in the desert. Unlucky.

A group of Apaches find him and nurse him back to health. He stays with them, eventually marrying the Chief’s daughter and, forsaking his bad habits, becomes a changed man. Lucky.

But when the tribe is destroyed by encroaching US Soldiers executing Manifest Destiny, Dalton’s bride is murdered by their leader, Colonel Morton Judd. Dalton longs for an impossible vengeance. Unlucky.

Dalton returns to Spider’s Rock and his old debauchery. By mid-1850, Dalton lands in a Spider’s Rock jail cell next to none other than Alejandro Zamora, the bandit who left him for dead a year earlier. Then Colonel Judd, his other sworn enemy comes in. Neither of them recognize Dalton. Lucky.

The two men review their plan to seize the town’s gold and silver assets just before they wipe Spider’s Rock off the map. Dalton’s heard their plan, and now he’s the only one who can stop them.

Can Dalton shape up and use his God-given skills to save the town—can he get lucky?

Or will he continue to wallow in self-misery as the rest of his world burns to the ground?


Genre: Unlucky is an epic historical western action/adventure novel.

Word Count: 91,000

Series: none

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